Wiltipoll Sheep

Naringa Park breeds Wiltipoll sheep, with most of the sheep being from Reavesdale rams and the ewes mostly the prodigy of those rams.

Wiltipoll sheep are ideally  suited to small land holders, hobbyists and those seeking a sheep for a pet or simply for grass control.

Benefits of Wiltipoll Sheep

Wiltipoll sheep are wool less and horn less and are breed for they superior meat quality. The wool sheds in spring leaving a hairy undercoat over summer. Once the weather begins to cool in autumn, the wool begins to regrow in time for the winter months.

Most other sheep grow a lot of wool around the crutch,  with the males around the  penis, and these areas can become contaminated which attracts files to lay their eggs on the skin. Wiltipoll sheep don’t have much fleece in these areas, therefore are easier to maintain against fly strike and dags are limited.

They are cheap to maintain and won’t require a visit from the shearer.

Wiltipoll sheep have a very docile temperament and with the absence of horns makes the sheep less aggressive.

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