Beef Shorthorn cattle and Wiltipoll sheep for sale.

Bred at Naringa Park, Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands of NSW

Beef Shorthorn yearlings for sale

Next generation Beef Shorthorn Heifers, healthy and in great condition.


Live stock at Naringa Park

Our Beef Shorthorn cattle  come in three main colours, red, white and roan. Red cattle may be solid red or have white markings and they are all polled (No horns). They are bigger than their dairy counterparts and are grown specifically for their beef.
Our Wiltipoll sheep are ideally suited to small land holders, hobbyists and those seeking a sheep for a pet or simply for grass control.

Shorthorn cattle for sale
Wiltipoll Sheep for sale
Beef Shorthorn Red Bull Q14
Beef shorthorn heifers for sale

A beautiful location for your special event

When you need an unforgettable venue for your event or conference, Naringa Park is the perfect place. The picturesque gardens are a gorgeous background that will make any photo shoot stand out in a unique way!

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